A New Musical of Pride and Prejudice

Book, Music and Lyrics by
Lindsay Warren Baker & Amanda Jacobs
Based on the novel “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen
Orchestrations and Arrangements by Amanda Jacobs
Additional Vocal Arrangements by Lindsay Warren Baker
Cast Size: Women (8+), Men (9+)


Chawton Cottage
Hampshire, England: 1812

JANE AUSTEN: 36 (she/her) As a recently published female author in Regency-era England, she is
ahead of her time. Witty, clever and thoughtful with a touch of snarkiness. Over the course of the story
telling, Austen also assumes the role of MRS. REYNOLDS (Darcy’s housekeeper).

CASSANDRA AUSTEN: 39 (she/her) Jane Austen’s sister. Protective and practical. Austen’s most
trusted confidante. Over the course of the story telling, she assumes the role of CHARLOTTE LUCAS –
Elizabeth Bennet’s best friend. Modest, sensible, and intelligent. *This actor can also play the role of
Mary Bennet. (Optional)

TOM LEFROY: 28 (he/him) A charismatic Irishman. Law student. 20-year-old Jane Austen’s beau, a
love that ended in heartbreak. (Appears in a flashback ca. 1795.) 

First Impressions
Various Locations in Hertfordshire, Derbyshire, Kent, and London,
England: 1796-1797

MR. BENNET: Late 40s to early 50s (he/him) A country gentleman with an odd mixture of quick parts,
sarcastic humour, reserve and caprice. His principal enjoyments arise from the countryside and books.
Overwhelmed by living in a house full of women.

MRS. BENNET: Mid to late 40s (she/her) A high-strung mother of five daughters. A fading beauty who
loves to gossip.

JANE BENNET: 22 (she/her) The Bennet’s eldest daughter, extremely beautiful both inside and out. A
kind and gentle soul.

ELIZABETH BENNET: 20 (she/her) Jane Austen’s most famous heroine. Good-humored with a quick
wit. She loves books and the outdoors. A non-traditional beauty. She plays the pianoforte with feeling,
but not with particular skill. (NOTE: Actor is NOT required to play, keyboard in pit will double.)

MARY BENNET: 19 (she/her) As the middle child, Mary is the most overlooked and ignored of the
Bennet sisters. A great reader and philosophizer. She enjoys playing the piano but is technical without
musicality. (NOTE: Actor is NOT required to play, keyboard in pit will double.) *If not doubled with the
role of Cassandra Austen, the scenes where Mary is indicated as being offstage can be played onstage if

CATHERINE “KITTY” BENNET: 17 (she/her) Silly and fretful. Suffers from allergies. Sidekick to her
younger sister Lydia. 

LYDIA BENNET: 15 (she/her) The Bennet’s youngest daughter. She loves to laugh and to gossip. Also
self-willed and careless. Maturing faster than her family would like.

FITZWILLIAM DARCY: 28 (he/him) Jane Austen’s most famous hero. An extremely wealthy bachelor,
which makes him particularly attractive. He is snobby and shy but is also kind and generous to those he is
responsible for.

GEORGIANA DARCY: 16 (she/her) Darcy’s younger sister. Gentle, graceful, and sweet-natured.
CHARLES BINGLEY: 22 (he/him) A wealthy bachelor; easy going and friendly. Darcy’s best friend.
CAROLINE BINGLEY: Mid-20s (she/her) Bingley’s sister. Fashionable, conceited, and proud. She has
her sights set on marrying Darcy. An accomplished pianist. (NOTE: Actor is NOT required to play,
keyboard in pit will double.)

GEORGE WICKHAM: 28 (he/him) Grew up with Darcy, though now estranged. A handsome and
personable soldier which causes women to be easily attracted to him. He has a striking resemblance to
Tom Lefroy.

LADY CATHERINE DE BOURGH: Late 40s to early 50s (she/her) Darcy’s aunt and Mr. Collins’s
patroness. Authoritative and self-important with striking features.

MR. COLLINS: 25 (he/him) A conceited clergyman intent on marrying one of the Bennet girls. *This
actor also plays the role of Mr. Gardiner.

MR. GARDINER: Mid 50s (he/him) Mrs. Bennet’s friendly brother who “lives by trade in London.”

MRS. GARDINER: Mid-40s (she/her) Mr. Gardiner’s elegant and amiable wife who “has a particular
regard for Elizabeth.”

REDCOAT ENSEMBLE: Mid 20s to 30s (he/him) British soldiers. In the militia with Wickham. Their
arrival excites the younger Bennet sisters to no end.